A Generous July

During the month of July, we challenged the people of First Baptist Church to take part in one of three different mission opportunities. And FBCER step up in a big way!

Mission Opportunity # 1- Shoes for School Kids

We want to provide all the children in El Reno with the opportunity to have a good pair of shoes. Many children in our town do not have this opportunity.  Our goal was to raise $1500.00 so that we could purchase 150 shoes. We didn’t just reach our goal, we surpassed it by raising over $2000.00! All this money will go buy shoes.

Mission Opportunity #2- Baskets for College Students

We want to provide a welcome basket for every dorm room at Redland Community College. We had a goal of collect 50 baskets and we collected 68 baskets.The baskets were delivered on August 15th. The management at the apartments were very excited by our delivery!

Mission Opportunity #3- Lifebook Movement

On September 6th our middle school and high school students will begin a week long mission trip to their schools where their goal is saturate their school with the Word of God. We took up a one time love offering to help with the lifebook movement and the church stepped up big time by giving nearly $800!

Way to FBCER! Keep up the good work! Let’s keep on being on mission in El Reno!