The 7 Challenge07/02/2014


What: Beginning on July 20 we are challenging the people of FBCER to commit to seven different things for seven straight weeks. Our commitment during these seven weeks will help us finish mobile church strongly while preparing us for all of the exciting things God has in store for us at the new building.

The Commitments:

1) Be Here. We are challenging everyone to be present for seven straight weeks of church. We want everyone to try their best to be faithful to small groups and a worship service.
2) Pray. In order to finish strong and prepare well we are going to need our ultimate source of strength, God. We are asking each person in this challenge to be a part of our 49 day prayer journey. You can get a copy of the prayer journey at the welcome desk, online or delivered daily via Facebook.
3) Spend Time in God’s Word. God’s Word is the anchor to our lives. In order to successfully complete this challenge we will need to each spend consistent time reading, meditating and memorizing the Bible. Weekly suggested scripture readings will be in the worship guide and online.
4) Serve God & Others. As we are wrapping up mobile church, how is God calling you to serve and help out? As we prepare to launch at our new location, what is God calling you do? The level of service that is present in our church will either be a deterrent or an accelerant for growth.
5) Give Sacrificially. We are planning on receiving a Celebration Offering at our Celebration Service on September 6. How is God calling you and your family to be a part of this offering? What could you give up during The 7 Challenge so that you give what God is calling you to for the Celebration Offering?
6) Invite Others. Don’t keep FBCER to yourself! Who has God placed in your life that you need to bring with you to church? Make every effort to get those people to church with you during our challenge.
7) Expect Great Things. Get ready! What is God going to do during our seven weeks of obedience? We are not sure about the specifics but we know that God loves obedience. Come expecting God to do great and amazing things!


Summer Family Fun Days06/03/2014

FBCER Family Ministry to host Summer Family Fun Days this summer. 

We want to provide opportunities for our families to spend a day together having fun exploring and experiencing new things together. Out of this desire birthed our Summer Family Fun Days. We will be having one each summer month and we hope that your family can join us for one or all of them.

June- Redhawks Game

June 29 at 6:05 our entire FBCER family is invited to go to a Redhawks Baseball game. This will be a great opportunity for your family to get out and enjoy a fun night together. For more info and to purchase tickets go here.


July- Children’s Museum in Seminole, OK

On July 19 we will be traveling to the Children’s Museum in Seminole, OK. We will leave the annex at 9:00am and return at 3:00pm. Lunch is provided and it will cost $7 per family member. The Children’s Museum is a special place where children of all ages can come to explore a world of fun through interactive play. They will get to experience an award winning museum where children can role play in a variety of career opportunities. Another part of the museum is dedicated to self-discovery in the world of healthcare and science exhibitions. Their outside play area holds a 12,000 square foot Castle Maze and a train, the SuperSONIC Express!

Register Here for the Children’s Museum Trip (Opens June 8)


August- WaterZoo in Clinton, OK

On August 9 we will be traveling to WaterZoo in Clinton, OK. We will leave the annex at 9:00am and return at 3:00pm. Lunch is provided and it will cost $23 per each swimming family member and $10 per each non-swimming family member. Step into the Wild at Water-Zoo Indoor Water Park where it is 80 degrees year round. With more than 300,000 gallons of water, 500 feet of water slides, retractable roof, and lots of sprays and splashes, staying indoors has never been so much fun!

Register Here for the WaterZoo Trip (Opens July 13)


Church Family Night @ Redhawks05/22/2014

FBCER is heading down to Bricktown to enjoy a baseball game together.

Join us on Sunday, June 29 as we enjoy an Oklahoma City Redhawks game. The game will begin at 6:05 and the church bus will leave from the office building at 5:oopm. The cost to attend is $10 per person. Our seats will be on the third base line. This would be a great night for you to invite a neighbor or friend to come with you.  You can purchase tickets here or at the welcome desk on Sunday mornings.


Help Out with Perfect Wings Camp05/18/2014

Help bring to joy to someone by making a simple donation.

Every year a group from FBCER goes to Camp Perfect Wings a camp for children and Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

At Camp Perfect Wings, campers enjoy various activities including horseback riding, motorcycle rides, talent show, arts & crafts, music and fishing. Another activity is the camp store. Volunteers from FBCER staff the store. Each camper is given a card with points to use to purchase items. We need more items to stock the store. A drop off box will be located at the welcome table on the next two Sundays (May 18th & 25th) or you can drop off items at the church office between now and Wednesday evening, May 27th.

Some suggested items to donate are: t-shirts (size large and bigger), sports team items i.e. wall posters, pennants, hats, cups or mugs, house shoes, socks, sunglasses, sunscreen, toiletries, pillow cases, backpacks, tote bags, water bottles, lunch boxes, tooth brushes, gloves, hats, flip-flops, picture frames, photo albums, beanie babies, Christian CD’s and movies, puzzles, hair accessories, jewelry, watches, belts (larger sizes), coloring books, crayons, notebooks, ink pens. Items must be unused and no food please.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. This is the perfect opportunity to “regift”. If you have any questions, please contact Sheri Nelson, Brenda Killgore, Kerry Vieweg, Tonya Pope, Lorie Finnigan, Melissa Bechtel or the church office.

News,Sermon Series

Summer Sermon Series: Gospel Thread05/15/2014

FBCER to Begin Summer Sermon Series in Old Testament on May 18.

Did you know Jesus was in the Old Testament? In Luke 24:27 it says, “And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he [Jesus] interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.” The Old Testament is not just a book of stories and history. It is pointing us to the coming of Jesus Christ, God’s perfect plan of redemption. When we view the OT only through the lens of stories, we miss out on the beauty of the Gospel being displayed in its pages. The message of grace is a theme that runs throughout the Bible and there is a gospel thread that connects us at every point to Christ.

Yet, there are also important lessons that we can learn from the men and women of the Bible. We learn from their faith and obedience, as well as their failures. Our aim in this summer series is to look at the lives of these men and women and show how their lives tell a greater story, the story of God’s glorious Gospel.