Next Steps

At the beginning of February, Derek McCarver stepped away from student ministry at FBCER. We appreciate Derek and his wife Jennifer for the many years of ministry they provided here. We are also glad that they will continue to be part of our body and that Derek will continue to serve our church through worship leading.

With Derek’s resignation comes an opening of a full-time ministry position in our body. There will also be retirement of staff members in the next couple of years which leads us to a time of prayerful restructuring our of ministry staff. Key leadership, including our personnel committee has already been involved in the planning what this restructuring will look like. Because the personnel committee is up to date with our restructuring plans, it makes sense that we would use them to assist the body in finding the next person to fill our staff ministry opening.

On Sunday, March 3, we will ask you to affirm using the personnel committee to assist me in locating the next staff member of FBCER at the end of both of our services. This comes prayerfully and
thoughtfully. We also ask that you would pray and ask God to prepare the man to fill this role. We can already see God’s hand at work and are excited about what God has in store for our body as we move forward and poise ourselves for more years of effective ministry.

For His Glory and Your Joy, 

Pastor Charlie