Shoes for School Kids Project

FBCER is gearing to up to provide shoes for students in need. Read below to find out how you can be involved.

Goal: Provide a new pair of tennis shoes for every El Reno grade school  student in need.

How: There are several different ways that you can get involved with this mission effort.

1.Give Funds. Shoes cost around $10 a pair. If you feel led to help with this mission endeavor you can give online here.

2.Give Time.

a.Going to the schools. During the weeks of March 31-April 11 we will be going to schools between 9am and 2pm to size the students for their shoes and later deliver them.

 b.Preparing the shoes. On Monday, April 7 at 6:30pm we will meet at the annex to prepare the shoes to be delivered. We will pack socks and shoes in a bag for each kid and write an encouraging note to each student.

Shoes for School Kids Volunteer

Would you like to help out with Shoes for School Kids? Sign-up below.