100 Days of Scripture

January 11, 2012

Knowing God through studying and memorizing His word

Our goal at FBCER in 2012 is to know God in ways that we have never known Him before.  We want to move from the shallows into the depths of experiencing God and being found in Him.  In order to do that, we know we must experience the living God through His living word.  This week the members of FBCER have committed to spending 100 days in the word of God.

We are doing so by taking place in the E100 challenge where for the next 20 weeks (5 days a week for 20 weeks = 100 days) where we will read with our families an assigned passage of scripture that give us a picture of the entire Bible.  If you want to join with us you can pick up a card with the assigned scriptures at the church or you can find this plan on the “YouVersion” Bible app for your smart phone.

Along with spending 100 days in the Scriptures, we are challening our church to memorize a verse of scripture each week.  The scripture will be taken from a passage you will read that week and will be available on the church website, facebook page, and in the weekly worship guide.

We hope that you will journey with us in our pursuit of knowing God and that you will make His word a priority as you do.

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