2017… A Year to Be Devoted

January 12, 2017

Sunday morning we shared our theme for FBCER in 2017. The word that we feel that God has led us to is the word Devoted. We want more than mere commitment in our lives, we want our hearts to seek God above all else and to strive to be devoted to him. Devoted speaks of affections, what we value, things that are worthy of giving our lives to. The Christian life, Biblically speaking, is a devoted life. It is a life that is willing to go where he goes and to do as he says. It is a life that is listening to his word and sensitive to his voice. It is a life that is moldable, trusting that he will shape us into the vessels he wants us to be. It is a life of obedience, taking his commands seriously.

Join me as we make 2017 about devotion to our Lord. Examine your life to see what is in the way of your devotion to the Lord. Start your day off with great thoughts about God, communion with him through prayer, and the study and meditation of his word. Offer your life as a living sacrifice to him.

The reality is, you will be devoted to something; God has wired you that way. The question is, what will you be devoted to?

For His glory and your joy,

Pastor Charlie

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