21 Days of Prayer

August 22, 2011

We are calling the church to pray! Please join us in prayer over the next 21 days for our revival that will be happening on Sept. 11 & 12!

Day 1- August 22 Pray for the Church. Spend some time praying that all members of our church are fully awakened to all of who God is.

Day 2- August 23 Pray for Mike Keahbone. Pray that God would give the right words to our revival preacher. Pray for God’s guidance as he prepares for each service. That he would remain sensitive to the Spirit.

Day 3-August 24 Pray for You. How are you doing spiritually? What does God want to do in your life to prepare you for revival?

Day 4- August 25 Pray for Your Heart. Do you have a heart for lost people? Ask God to soften your heart to the lost people in your life.

Day 5- August 26 Pray for a Person. Who does God want you to invite to the revival? Ask God who He has placed in your life that needs to come to the revival.

Day 6- August 27 Pray for an Opportunity. Now that God has given you a person to invite to the revival pray for an opportunity to invite them.

Day 7- August 28 Pray for Today.  It is Sunday, pray that God would move during our services and small groups today. Pray that people would continue to be prepared for revival through our services.

Day 8- August 29 Pray for Charlie. Charlie will be returning from his sabbatical today. Pray that he would rely on God and lead us boldly where God wants us to go.

Day 9- August 30 Pray for Derek. Derek will be leading all our revival services in worship. Pray for him as he prepares to take us to God’s throne through our worship music.

Day 10- August 31 Pray for the Lost.  Pray that the lost people that God has laid on the hearts of the FBCER church members would be open and receptive to the gospel.

Day 11- September 1 Pray for Mike Keahbone. Continue to pray that God would give Mike the rights word to say. Pray that we would be reliant on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Day 12- September 2 Pray for the Church. Pray that God would take every member of church to a deeper understanding of who He is.

Day 13- September 3 Pray for El Reno. Pray that God would impact the darkness in El Reno through this revival. Pray that as a church Christ’s light would shine brightly through us in the community.

Day 14- September 4 Pray for Today. Pray for today’s service. Pray that God would continue to stir us up and move us closer to Him.

Day 15- September 5 Pray for Each Other. Who do you know in our church that could use some prayer? Spend some time praying specifically for them. Pray that He would draw them closer to Him.

Day 16-September 6 Pray for our Students. Today our students are beginning their mission trip to saturate their schools with God’s Word. Pray that God would use the endeavor for His glory and that many students would come to know Him through it.

Day 17-September 7 Pray for the Harvest. Pray that our church would experience a harvest of souls unlike it has ever seen before. Pray that God would bring many people to know Him through this revival.

Day 18- September 8 Pray for the Harvesters. Pray that the members of FBCER would be obedient to God and they would be diligent about inviting the people God has laid on their hearts to the revival.

Day 19- September 9 Pray for Discipleship. Pray our revival wouldn’t produce converts but rather disciples that begin a life-long journey of following Jesus. Pray and ask God how He wants you be a part of the discipleship process.

Day 20- September 10 Pray for Tomorrow. Pray that God would demolish all the attempts of Satan to keep people away from our church tomorrow.

Day 21- September 11 Pray in Expectancy. Pray that God would show up in power today and that when He does all people would respond in obedience to Him. Pray that dead people would experience the life that only Jesus can offer. Pray that people that have walked away from Jesus would return today. Pray that our church would be changed forever by us experiencing Jesus during this revival.

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