30 Days of Prayer

January 29, 2012

30 days of Prayer

Day 1//Jan. 30 – Pray for depth. Ask God to bless you and your family with deeper levels of relationship with Him than you have ever experienced before.

Day 2//Jan. 31 –Pray for your time in God’s Word. Ask God to bless the reading of His word.  Ask God to take its truth and fill your hearts and minds with it.

Day 3//Feb. 1 – Pray for your family.  Ask God to guard, protect, and guide each you as you follow Him.

Day 4//Feb. 2- Pray for your marriage.  If you are not married, pray for the marriages of our church, community and your family.  Ask God to strengthen them and protect them.

Day5//Feb. 3 – Pray for our men.  Lift up the men of the church & our nation; that they would take their God given responsibilities seriously to lead, love, protect ,and provide for their families.

Day 5//Feb. 4 – Pray for our women.  Ask God to bless them and use them to nurture and serve their families and live as examples as they love and serve God.

Day6//Feb. 5 – Pray for the leaders of your church.  Ask God to bless your staff as they prepare to teach, lead, & equip the flock of God.  Ask God to give them wisdom, strength, and the power of His Holy Spirit as they follow Him.  Lift up their families asking God to protect them.

Day 7//Feb. 6 – Pray for the body of Christ, the church.  Ask God to lead us, equip us, and send us out to make a difference in the world.

Day 8//Feb. 7 – Pray for a difference. Ask God today where you can make a difference in the world for Him. In the areas that God has placed you, where you can you serve and minister is His name?

Day 9//Feb. 8 – Pray for tonight. Today is Wednesday which means the church will be full with children and students.  Ask God to bless the teaching of his word and that hearts will be receptive to the gospel.

Day 10//Feb. 9 – Pray for our missionaries around the world.  Pray for their safety, their needs, and that God would bless their efforts and lives would be changed by the power of the gospel.

Day 11//Feb. 10 – Pray for Sunday morning at FBCER.  That the worship services, small groups, and all that happens will glorify God and help make disciples of Jesus.

Day 12//Feb. 11 – Pray to be prepared. Seek God, submit to Him and let Him search your heart. Come to church tomorrow prayed up and ready to encounter God.

Day 13//Feb. 12 – Pray for today. Pray that it would be a God honoring day of worship at FBCER. That lives would be changed and God would be glorified.

Day 14//Feb. 13 – Thank God for His power. Spend some time meditating on God’s great power. Think about times that God has shown his power in your life. Thank Him for all those times.

Day 15//Feb. 14 – Thank God for His love. Today is Valentine’s day, thank God for his unconditional love for you and ask God to give you the same type of love for others.

Day16//Feb. 15. – Thank God for providing. How has God provided  for you and your family? Reflect on his provision and thank Him for all that He has done and all that He will do in the future.

Day 17//Feb. 16 – Meditate on His majesty. We serve a great and glorious God. Think about His majesty. Think about such a majestic God giving up His life for you. Respond to Him in prayer.

Day18 //Feb. 17 – Meditate on His wrath. We focus a lot on God being a God of love and He is but scripture also describes God has a God of wrath. God must punish sin. Spend some time thinking about this truth. How does this truth relate to the follower of Christ?

Day 19//Feb. 18 – Pray for tomorrow. Pray that God would use tomorrow morning’s service to bring people closer to himself. Prepare yourself to meet with God tomorrow.

Day 20//Feb. 19 – Pray for Today. Pray for Pastor Charlie as he preaches today. Pray that God uses Him and that people lives are changed through encounter God’s living Word

Day 21//Feb. 20 – Thank God for not changing. We serve an unchanging God. Take some time to think about how this truth has an effect on your life. Spend some time thanking Him for being unchanging.

Day 22//Feb. 21 – Thank God for his grace. Followers of Christ have received a gift of grace unlike any offered. Reflect on the grace you have received and spend some time thanking God for it.

Day 23//Feb. 22 – Pray for our families. Tonight we are having a family night. Pray that God would use it to strengthen the families in our church and community.

Day24//Feb. 23 – Thank God for His work. Did God work in your life last night at family night? Has God working in your life recently? Spend some time thanking Him for his continued work in your life.

Day 25//Feb. 24 – Thank God for His healing. Our God is a God that heals both physically and spiritually. How has God manifested his healing power in your life? Thank Him for healing you.

Day 26//Feb. 25 – Pray for tomorrow. Prepare yourself to encounter God tomorrow through our worship services. Confess sin, humble yourself before God and ask Him to prepare you.

Day 27//Feb. 26 – Prayer for tonight. Tonight we will be going to the nursing homes in the community to worship with them.  Ask God to bless the time of worship we will have together.

Day28//Feb. 27 –Think about God’s justice. How does God being just affect the life of the follower of Christ? Spend some time thanking God for being just.

Day 29//Feb. 28 – Pray for our church. Pray that we would all continue to passionately seek God.

Day 30//Feb. 29 –Pray for you. Pray that you would continue to grow in your relationship with God.

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