49 Days of Prayer Journey

July 19, 2014

One of our challenges for “The 7 Challenge” is to pray! Below is 49 day prayer guide that will last for the duration of the entire challenge.


Day 1- July 21 // Pray for Strength. You’re weak, but God is strong. Spend some time confessing your weaknesses to God today and then end by spending some time asking God to give you the strength to complete the challenge of the next seven weeks.

Day 2- July 22 // Pray for Depth. All year long we have been praying for God to take us deeper as a church. Continue asking God to do this in us as we work through “The 7 Challenge”.

Day 3-July 23 // Pray for Growth. We have also been praying that as God takes us deeper, He will allow us to reach more people and grow. Continue to ask God to empower us to reach out to people.

Day 4- July 24 // Pray about being debt-free. All year long we have been praying to be debt free when we walk into our new building. Even though we are currently in debt, that doesn’t mean God can’t still provide in a miraculous way. Ask to God to show up in a way that only He can, and provide all the money we need to be debt-free. Not for our glory or ease, but for the sake of His name!

Day 5- July 25// Pray about giving. We are having a special Celebration Offering at our Celebration Service on September 6. Spend some time seeking and asking God how you and your family can sacrificially give at this offering.

Day 6- July 26// Pray for Focus. You are six days into the challenge; pray that God would continue to empower you to be laser focused on Him and His church during the rest of the challenge.

Day 7- July 27// Pray for Today. It is Sunday, pray that God would move during our services and small groups today. Pray for Charlie, Glen & Derek as they lead us in our worship services. Pray for your small group leader as they lead your group.

Day 8- July 28// Pray for Monday. Monday can be a difficult day for people. Pray that you rely on God today and throughout the week, no matter what it may bring.

Day 9- July 29// Pray for the Construction Crew. Take some time to thank God for Lingo Construction and the blessing they have been to us throughout this entire process. Ask God to continue to use Lingo Construction in our state for His purpose and His glory.

Day 10- July 30 // Pray for the Construction Process. We are nearly a month away from being in our new building. Pray that things would continue to process smoothly and God would continue to prepare for the work He wants to do in us and through us at the new building.

Day 11- July 31 // Pray for the Preparation. There is much preparation happening by the church staff. Pray that God would give them the strength they need to prepare and lead the church where God wants us to go.

Day 12- August 1 // Pray for New Small Groups. We believe that God wants to grow us this fall. We also believe that one of the things we need to grow is new small groups. Pray that God would birth several new small groups in our church. Pray for new leaders to step up and make this possible.

Day 13- August 2 // Prepare for the Engage Series. During the month of August we will be doing a new series called “Engage”. During this series we challenge all of FBCER to be fully engaged in the mission of FBCER. Pray that God would use this series in a mighty way.

Day 14- August 3 // Pray for Today. Pray for today’s service. Pray that all of FBCER would be fully engaged in making God known throughout El Reno.

Day 15- August 4 // Mediate on our Mission. Yesterday we learned that FBCER exists to bring glory to God by making disciples of Jesus Christ. Take some time this morning to mediate on this. What does it mean for you? How are you doing at bringing God glory by making disciples? Ask God to help fully embody this mission.

Day 16- August 5 // Pray for Disciples. Pray that our church would be full of Disciples of Christ that follow Him with all that they have.

Day 17- August 6 // Pray for Willingness. Pray that the people of FBCER would be willing to do whatever God asks of them. Pray that we would be willing to do anything to further God’s Kingdom in our town, state, nation and world.

Day 18- August 7 // Prayer of Thanks. What has God been teaching you during “The 7 Challenge”? Spend some time thanking God for all that He has been doing in your life. Be specific.

Day 19- August 8// Pray for our Students. Our 7th-12th graders will be heading to the Youth Evangelism Conference today and tomorrow. Pray that our students would be strengthened and prepared to make a difference when they go back to school next week.

Day 20- August 9// Pray for Tomorrow. We continue the Engage Series tomorrow. Pray and seek God and ask Him to prepare you for worship tomorrow.

Day 21- August 10// Pray for Today. Pray that people would experience Jesus today and that they would be drawn closer to Him.

Day 22- August 11// Thank God for the Truth. We live in a world where truth is hard to come by. Take some time to thank God for the truth of His Word and the anchor that it is for your soul.

Day 23- August 12 // Pray for a Love for God’s Word. God has given us a great gift, the Bible. Ask God to give you a deep desire for His Word; that you would desire to spend time in it and love to hide it in your heart.

Day 24- August 13// Pray for a Love for God’s Word Pt. 2. Pray that our entire church would have a deep love and appreciation for scripture. Pray that we would be known as a church that honors and values God’s Word.

Day 25- August 14// Pray for Obedience to God’s Word. When we read God’s Word we will be challenged and changed. Pray that you and all of FBCER will be completely obedient to what God calls us to in His Word.

Day 26- August 15// Pray for our Schools. School started back yesterday. Pray for all the administrators, teachers and other school faculty that are a part of our church. Pray that God would use them in a big way this school year.

Day 27- August 16// Pray for Tomorrow. We continue the Engage Series tomorrow. Pray and seek God and ask Him to prepare you for worship tomorrow.

Day 28- August 17// Pray for Today. Pray that people would experience Jesus today and that people would be drawn closer to Him.

Day 29- August 18// Adore God. Spend some time today adoring God through prayer. Tell God how great He is. List all of the attributes you can. Adore God.

Day 30- August 19// Pray for a Life of Worship. Do you worship God with all your life? Is everything you do in this life done as an act of worship? Search your heart and ask God to give you the desire to worship Him with your whole life. Ask Him to show you ways that your life could be poured out as worship.

Day 31- August 20// Pray for a Pure Heart. A life of worship comes from a heart that is pure and seeks the Lord. Ask God to give you a pure heart that has no idols and seeks only Him.

Day 32- August 21// Thank God for the Freedom to Worship. People all across the world can’t worship God freely. Thank God for the awesome freedom that you have and ask Him to help you not take it for granted.

Day 33- August 22// Pray for our Corporate Worship Times. Worship should happen every day, but there is also something special about gathering together as the church to worship. Pray that our services would be focused on worshipping Jesus. Pray that music style and song selection wouldn’t matter to us as long as we are singing songs that praise God.

Day 34- August 23// Prepare for Worship. Are you ready to worship tomorrow? Spend some time preparing your heart to encounter God through a corporate worship service.

Day 35- August 24// Pray for Today. Today we are talking about Biblical community. Pray that God will use Charlie and your small group leader to help us remember the importance of Biblical community. Ask God to grow people and change lives through our services and small groups.

Day 36- August 25// Pray for Real Community. Pray that our small groups would be places where people could experience real biblical community. Ask God to deepen the level of fellowship in your group.

Day 37- August 26// Pray for Your Small Group Leader. Spend some time praying for your small group leader. Pray that God would equip them to lead your group where He wants. If you are not in a small group, ask God to lead you to one.

Day 38- August 27// Pray for a Friend in Need. Who do you know that is struggling, hurting or in need? Spend some time praying for them today. Send them a note or text and let them know you love them and that you prayed for them. (If you have the means to assist them with their need, ask God if you should.)

Day 39- August 28// Pray for New Small Groups. Our church needs new groups so that we can continue to grow. Ask God to foster within our small groups a desire to grow and reproduce themselves. Ask God to raise up new leaders that can step up and fill in the gaps in our new groups.

Day 40- August 29// Pray for our Next Generation Group Leaders. We have many adults that sacrifice being in a small group with other adults to go minister and help disciple our children and youth. Thank God for those people and ask God to continue to strengthen and bless them.

Day 41- August 30// Prepare for Tomorrow. Pray about your small group time tomorrow. Ask God to work in your group meeting. Is there any one in your group that you need to contact and remind them about small group tomorrow?

Day 42- August 31// Pray for Boldness. Being on mission for God requires us to live boldly. Ask God to inject boldness into you and the rest of FBCER.

Day 43- September 1// Pray on Mission. Ask God to mold our church into a church that is on mission. Ask God to help us see our neighborhood, job, school, etc. as a place where He has a mission.

Day 44- September 2// Pray for a Servant’s Heart. Let God search your heart. Do you have the heart of a selfless servant? Ask God to give you the heart of a servant.

Day 45- September 3 // Pray for the Servants. Who do you know that has the heart of a servant? Pray for them today. Thank God for them and ask Him to continue to give them the strength they need.

Day 46- September 4 // Pray for the Servants. There are countless people feverishly working to get everything ready for the big opening weekend of our new building. Spend some time praying for them. Ask God to help them as they work to prepare for this weekend.

Day 47- September 5 // Pray for this Weekend. This weekend will be an exciting weekend in the life of our church. Pray that we keep our focus on God and what He has done. The completion of this project is due to God. Pray that all praise is pointed His way.

Day 48- September 6 // Pray for Today & Tomorrow. Pray for today’s celebration service and celebration offering. Ask God to blow us away with the amount of money given through this offering. Pray for tomorrow. Pray for all the new people that will be in our church. Ask God to save people and bring people closer to Himself.

Day 49- September 7 // Thank God for all that He has done. We/You have a lot be thankful for. Take time to tell God what you are thankful for.

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