90 Day Check-Up

March 23, 2017

We started 2017 at FBCER with a theme. I am going to give you a moment to see if you can remember what it is. If you said Devoted, you are right. Hopefully by now our three prayers for this year have been etched into your memory from praying them regularly, but in case you are struggling to remember them, let me give you a refresher.

  • Lord, help me to be devoted to you above all else.
  • Lord, help me to be devoted to my growth through your word and your church.
  • Lord, help me to be devoted to sharing my life with others.

It has been almost 90 days since we started this journey together, so it is time to pause and do a little evaluation. How devoted are you? Have you seen an increase in your faithfulness to God, His word, and His church? Has spiritual growth become a reality in your life? Are you sharing your life with others through service and evangelism?

If you are seeing God at work in your life, now is the time to stop and praise him for the work that he is doing. Buckle down all the more and put forth the grace-driven effort that is needed to live a life of holiness and devotion. Spend some time writing down all that God has been at doing in your life. Celebrate the victories while striving all the more to become the devoted follower that God desires for you to be.

If you are struggling, and growth doesn’t seem to be coming, spend some time in evaluating why. Ask God to help you search your heart and life. Repent of the things that he reveals to you. Embrace His mercy, grace, and forgiveness while seeking to walk in obedience to His commands. Don’t give up, but instead start fresh today in your pursuit of devotion.

Let’s continue to devote ourselves to all that God desires for us to be as His people known as FBCER. May we strive for Godliness, obedience, and lives devoted to Him.

For His glory and your joy,

Pastor Charlie

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