A Summer of Opportunity

June 7, 2018

Some of our most important and influential ministry events for kids and students happen every summer. At Vacation Bible School we get the opportunity to sow gospel seeds in the hearts of kids for five consecutive days.Every year we expect to see kids come to faith in Christ as God uses that week to draw kids to Him. As I write this we are gearing up to take 4th-6th graders to kids camp at Falls Creek where again we hope to see kids come to faith and our young believers to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

As July rolls around, we will take JH and HS students to Falls Creek where they have the opportunity to get away for a week and allow God to work and speak into their lives as Scripture is a main focus throughout the day. Again, our expectation is for God to move and work and lives to be changed.

There are several opportunities that exist for us as the body supporting these ministries. Prayer, service, and giving are all ways that you can help these events make a kingdom impact. It requires intentionality on our part as a body for these ministry opportunities to be all they can be. Think about where you can be involved.

I want to shift our way of thinking in terms of opportunity for the rest of the body. If we are not careful, we treat the summer as a long break and vacation from many things, including our focus on the Lord. Church becomes secondary or even tertiary and we neglect our focus on spiritual growth because church programming seems to have come to a halt. What if we used this summer to focus on our spiritual development as much as we do the ministries for students and kids? What if we committed to using this summer as an opportunity to know God more and seek to implement every lesson we learned from our Bible studies throughout the year? What if we decided to make this summer a time of renewed commitment to the things that God calls us to rather than wait until school starts back? Let’s see the summer as an opportunity to press on in our journey with Christ, rather than a time to take a break from it.

For His glory and your joy,

Pastor Charlie

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