A Word from Pastor Charlie

March 1, 2020


I can hardly find words to express to you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. The last eleven years have been filled with so much joy for my family as we have been a part of you. There are so many stories I could share, and so many special moments that we have experienced together. We have laughed, cried, hurt, and rejoiced over many things. As we transition to lead First Moore and I reflect on all the things I want to say before I begin a new chapter in my life, I have had to narrow it down to just a few.

First, I want you to know that I love you and will always love you. Our relationship goes far deeper than a pastor/congregation relationship. Over the years you have truly become family. From the oldest member to the babies in the nursery, you each hold a special place in my family’s heart. We will miss you greatly and will always think of you fondly.

Second, our leaving has nothing to do with you and everything to do with what we feel God is doing. The only factor in our leaving is obedience and faithfulness to what we feel God is leading us to do. Through much prayer and seeking of God and His will, we feel that it is time for us to start a new work. It has nothing to do with unhappiness or any problem, it’s simply about faith and obedience.

Finally, things will be okay. I know this goes without saying but know this: God will always be faithful and provide what we need. Just as God was faithful before my ministry here and just as He has been faithful in my ministry here, He will be faithful when my ministry is over. God has great things in store for you. He is preparing the next man to lead this great church and God will do greater things than we can imagine. Keep your eyes on Him, not any man.

My final Sunday will be March 15th. I hope you join us as we say, “see you later” and celebrate all that God has done and will do. I love you and will always cherish our time together.


For His glory and your joy,

Pastor Charlie


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