Another 21 Days of Prayer

September 19, 2011

21 Days of Prayer (Sept. 19- Oct. 9)

Day 1- September 19 //Prayer of Thanksgiving. Spend some time reflecting and thinking on all that God has been doing in your life and the life of our church. Spend some time thanking Him for moving in us. What He has been doing is not normal.

Day 2- September 20 //Continue Seeking God. God has only just begun working in our lives and the life of this church. Pray that God would help you understand that truth. Pray that God would continue to move in your life and our church.

Day 3-September 21// Pray for Tonight.  Wednesday nights are a big night of outreach for our church. Pray that God would bless our efforts and that children and students would grow closer to Him through our Wednesday ministries.

Day 4- September 22// Pray Deeper. Take some time to think about things in your life that are hindering your walk with God. Really dig deep, move beyond the catch-all forgiveness prayer. When God reveals things, confess those to Him and spend some time in repentance.

Day 5- September 23// Pray for Action. Pray that the people of FBCER would become a people of action. That we would be a church that actively lives out our faith.

Day 6- September 24// Meditate on Acts 2. Prepare for church tomorrow by reading and meditating on Acts 2. Pray that our church would be an Acts 2 church.

Day 7- September 25// Pray for Today.  It is Sunday, pray that God would move during our services and small groups today. Pray for Charlie & Glen as they lead us in our worship services. Pray for your small group leader as they lead your group.

Day 8- September 26// Pray for the Staff. Monday is always a difficult day for the church staff. Pray that God would comfort and protect them.

Day 9- September 27// Pray about the Darkness. There is spiritual darkness all around us in El Reno. Pray that the light of Christ would shine bright in our town.

Day 10- September 28// Pray for our Students.  Today is See You at the Pole and our students (6th-12th grade) will be gathering at their flagpoles to pray. Would you lift them up today? Pray that God would use our students in their schools for His glory.

Day 11- September 29// Pray for the Hurting. Who do you know that  is hurting? Pray for them today and send them some type of communication (a card, a text, a facebook message, etc.) letting them know your prayed for them.

Day 12- September 30// Pray for a Person. Ask God to lay a person on your heart that needs Him. After God gives you a person begin asking God to work in that person’s life.

Day 13- October 1// Prepare for Tomorrow. Search your heart and ask God to prepare you to meet with Him. Ask God to be preparing all of the FBCER family for tomorrow.

Day 14- October 2 //Pray for Today. Pray for today’s service. Pray that God would continue to stir us up and move us closer to Him.

Day 15- October 3// Pray for Your Week. Pray that you would live for Jesus this week and bring Him glory through all of your actions.

Day 16- October 4 //Pray for an Opportunity. Who has God laid on your heart that needs Him? Pray for them and pray for an opportunity to invite them to church.

Day 17-October 5// Pray for Boldness. Pray that God would inject all of the FBCER family with boldness for Him. Pray that we boldly proclaim Jesus everywhere we go, through our lives and our words.

Day 18- October 6// Prayer of Thanks. Spend some time thanking God for all that He has been doing in your life. Be specific.

Day 19- October 7// Pray for a Love for God’s Word. God’s Word is an essential part of successfully following Jesus. Pray that God would grow your love for His Word and that FBCER as a whole would have a hunger for God’s Word.

Day 20- October 8// Pray for Tomorrow. Pray and seek God and ask Him to prepare you for worship tomorrow.

Day 21- October 9// Pray for Today. Pray that people would experience Jesus today and that people would be drawn closer to Him.

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