ASK 2020

February 1, 2020

Each year we seek to share a common theme as a body. The purpose of this theme to unify us and give us a common direction in our pursuit of God together. This year’s theme may be one of the simplest, yet most challenging that we have had. The theme is simply Ask. This year we are collectively coming before our Father in Heaven and taking Him up on His invitation to ask of Him. As we meditate on Matthew 7:7-11, we see that God desires to give good things to His children. There are many blessings we may miss out on, because we simply fail to seek God and ask of Him.  There are several ways we will be challenged to  pray as we see in Scripture. We are to ask specifically, persistently, fervently, and expectantly. All of these involve faith, which is the way God asks us to come to Him. I want to encourage you to seek after God and pray for the desires of your heart for yourself and the body at large. Who knows what God will do if we will but ask of Him? At the front of the worship center we will have two boards. One that will chart our asks and the other will celebrate His answers!

I believe with all my heart that God will both stretch and bless FBCER as we but ask of Him.


For His glory and your joy,

Pastor Charlie


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