Coronavirus Information

March 12, 2020

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has become an important concern for all of us. As followers of Christ we are not to live in fear but rather we walk by faith and trust in our Sovereign God. While we are told to “fear not” that does not mean we shouldn’t be cautious and prepared. Below are some…

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The Next Step

February 27, 2020

In December 2019 our church began a three year campaign to pay off our remaining building debt by the end of 2022. We believe that is the next step for our church to continue in advance of the gospel in El Reno and beyond. This next step will be accomplished when all people that call…

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ASK 2020

February 1, 2020

Each year we seek to share a common theme as a body. The purpose of this theme to unify us and give us a common direction in our pursuit of God together. This year’s theme may be one of the simplest, yet most challenging that we have had. The theme is simply Ask. This year…

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What’s Your Ask?

January 1, 2020

I was recently reading an article on prayer, where the author posed this question: “If God were to answer today the top three things you have been praying for, would it change anything?” I must admit that this question has haunted me. It has haunted me, because it has caused me to wonder if I…

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Wednesdays 2020

December 31, 2019

FBCER excited to begin new semester on Wednesday night, January 8. We hope everyone enjoyed Christmas break and is looking forward to starting a new semester of Wednesday night ministry. We have something for everyone. Check out the schedule and description of our adult small groups listed below. 5:30pm Dinner (Suggested donation of $3 per person,…

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The Next Step

December 12, 2019

In 2014, FBCER relocated to the new facility that we are now in. It was after several years of praying and planning that we made the journey. When we broke ground on the new facility, the cost of the project was five million dollars. By the time things were all said and done we had…

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Q & A // On Kayne West

December 1, 2019

Q: How should Christians feel about Kanye? Recently, social media has been abuzz with hip-hop star Kanye West’s testimony of conversion, even releasing an album entitled “Jesus is King.” Social media has been filled with conversation that ranges from anger to wanting to liken Kanye to the next apostle Paul. How should we, as Christians…

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Q & A// On Animals & the Ark

November 4, 2019

Q: How many animals were on the ark and how did Noah get all those animals on board? One of the puzzling questions when we think about Noah and this huge boat, called the ark, is how did he get all those animals on board? To think about how many animals must’ve been on the…

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Operation Christmas Child Prayer Guide

October 25, 2019

October 26th – Thank God for Jesus and his sacrifice for our sins so we can be in a relationship with Him. Thank Him for the work of Operation Christmas Child and for using it as a tool to spread the Gospel around the world. Packing October 27th – Pray for the hearts of individuals…

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Q & A // On Tithing

October 1, 2019

Question: If your salary is $1000 and you take home $800, what is your tithe? First, let me say that I am glad that you are even asking this question because it shows that you have a heart and willingness to give. As Christians, we are called to support the ministry of the local church…

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