Doing More

February 12, 2016

We kicked off 2016 asking God to do MORE. MORE in us, MORE with us, MORE through us. We want to be filled with the fullness of God. We want to live intentional lives of following Christ. We want to be dedicated to knowing God’s will for our lives through seeking Him in prayer and in Scripture. We want to live lives of MORE, where we are asking and expecting God to do greater things than we could imagine in our lives. We want to do MORE with what God has given us.

Sunday morning we looked at Matthew 25:14-29, where Jesus tells the parable of the talents. In the parable we see that the Master (Jesus) entrusted each of his servants (that’s us) with something for them to steward while he was gone. He gave to each of them as he saw fit and had an expectation of them doing something with it in his absence. In the same way each of us has been entrusted by God with something that he expects us to use in building his kingdom. Those in attendance received an envelope with either $5, $10, or $20 inside with this simple challenge: Ask God to show you how to do more with what you’ve been given. If done right, we will have over 500 mission projects happening in our community. We can’t wait to hear stories of how the Holy Spirit is leading the people of FBCER to take what the Master entrusted them with and use it for his kingdom.

Our hope and prayer is that this will be the beginning point of you and me doing MORE with what God has given us. Please make sure you use either the back of the card in your envelope or go here to share your story with us.

For His glory and your joy,
Pastor Charlie

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