Don’t Keep it to Yourself

June 15, 2017

In Matthew 5:14 Jesus tells us that we are “the light of the world”. This is only true if we have a relationship with Jesus. He is our source of light. Apart from Him we live in complete darkness. All of us come to God in the same way-a wicked sinner, separated from a holy God, and with no hope of having a relationship with God in our own power. But God, made a way for us to be with Him through Jesus’ perfect life, death and resurrection.  We should be careful to not forget where we came from. No matter how long you have been following Jesus and no matter how much you have progressed in your sanctification process, you still desperately need Jesus.

Because of Jesus you no longer live in darkness. You now live in the light and you are actually called to be light in this dark world. Jesus continues to tell us in Matthew 5:15-16 that we should let our light shine for others to see.  Once we have given our life to Christ and begin following Jesus then we have the privilege and responsibility to share the hope we have with others. Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5 that we are “Christ’s ambassadors” and have been tasked with the “ministry of reconciliation”.

How are you doing at being a part of God’s global mission team? Are you keeping all of your light to yourself? You are blessed to be a blessing. You went from darkness to light, no hope to hope. Wouldn’t you like to help others experience the life-changing hope that you have? Remember you are light and there are people all around you walking in darkness that have no hope.  Shine your light so they might come to know Jesus and the hope that only he can bring.

In Christ,

Pastor Tyler

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