Easter Celebrations

April 1, 2019

Believe it or not, spring is here. April is upon us and that means we are reminded to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. Clearly, we need to daily reflect and worship God for what all that he has done for us through Jesus, but Easter allows for a special focus both personally and corporately. With that comes a couple of special gatherings for you to participate in. The first is on Friday evening, April 19th. We will meet at 7pm, reflect
on scripture, sing, and share in the Lord’s Supper together. This intimate gathering serves to help us reflect on the atoning death of Christ.

Of course on Sunday morning, April 21st, we will celebrate the resurrection of Christ where he conquered sin and death for us, enabling us to experience a new life and our own resurrection of the dead. On that morning we will have two services but no small groups. Let me encourage you to come prepared to worship during these two gatherings. Come ready to reflect and share in the Lord’s Supper on Friday evening, and come prepared to celebrate the victory we have in Christ on the following Sunday morning. Between now and then, spend time in God’s word reflecting on the events that transpired leading to these important events. Don’t just take your knowledge of these events for granted. Look into God’s word at the beauty of the atoning work of Christ.

For His glory and your joy,
Pastor Charlie

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