Falls Creek Promo Contest

April 25, 2012

SAVE $50? Would you like to save some money on Falls Creek this year? FBCER Student Ministry is holding a contest in which you or a group of people can save $50 off of the Falls Creek registration. (Groups will split the $50 between all involved group members. If group consists of two people they will each get $25 off of their trip.)

HOW? From now until May 13th individuals or groups can submit a one to two minute promotional video for Falls Creek. We will select the winner and premiere it at Summer Bash on May 16th.

THE DETAILS: The video should make people want to go to Falls Creek. It can be funny, serious, or whatever you would like but it must include the following information.

  • When we are going-
    • Middle School Week (for 6th-8th graders) July 9-14
    • High School Week (for 9th– 12th graders) July 16-21
    • Who they would going with- FBCER Student Ministry
    • How much it costs-

UPLOAD: Once your videos is complete, upload to it youtube as a private video and share it with Derek (via mccarverd@fbcelreno.com) and Tyler (via kelleyt@fbcelreno.com)

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