I Love My Church

September 13, 2011

This Sunday morning, we will launch a new sermon series entitled “I Love My Church”.  We are emphasizing this topic for a couple of reasons.  One is to let the members of FBCER share why the love their church and why they are thankful that God has placed them within the body of believers at FBCER.  The other and more important reason is to share not only why and how we do church here, but to let the Scriptures show us what God’s desire is for a church to be (which may be different than many of us think).

In this series we will be studying Acts (specifically chapter 2) and hope to share with you not only what God says his church should be, but also how we are to engage and walk in this.  This series is important for the members of FBCER as a reminder and for the those of you who are new to FBCER to find out why we do church and we we love our church.  See you Sunday!

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