What We Believe

What a church believes is important. Who a church believes in is even more important. We strive to base all of our beliefs in God and what He has revealed to us in His Holy Word. Because of this our church is an Oklahoma Baptist church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and in a agreement with the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message.

While everything we believe is important, we have been led to focus on five core values from our beliefs. The core values lead us in our mission to bring God glory by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values:

Truth — We believe in and live by the Word of God. We believe that the Bible is inspired by God, without error, and the only absolute truth that we can build our lives on.

Worship — We believe that everything was created by God and for God. All of creation’s ultimate purpose is bring God glory. We do this by worshiping God weekly with other believers and with how we live our lives every day .

Community — The Bible teaches us that God created us to follow Him within the context of other believers. We need other people to help us on our spiritual journey.

Service — The bible also teaches that church is a team sport. No one is called to simply be a spectator. We are all gifted to be a partaker in God’s kingdom in the local church and among our community.

Missional Living — God is revealed to us in the Bible as a God on mission to seek and save people from their sins. We believe he has called every person that follows Him to be a part of the mission.

These core values drive us to our specific mission for our church. Valuing each of these things leads us to our mission. We believe our mission is biblical and what God wants us to do. This belief leads us to be very specific with how we operate as a church. We don’t want anything (good or bad) to distract us from bringing God glory by making disciples of Jesus Christ.