Why We Exist

Our Mission:

FBCER exists to bring God glory by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

At FBCER, we believe that God has a mission for us to accomplish. And everything thing we do as a church is centered around the mission. This mission isn’t something that we dreamed up on our own but believe it is from God as He used our five core values to shape our mission.

Bringing God Glory:

Followers of Jesus are encouraged to glorify God with every part of their lives. Making much of Jesus happens not just at our weekly gatherings but through out every part of our day. We can glorify God at work, school, home and everywhere in between. One of the best ways for us to bring glory to God is by replicating ourselves and making disciples of Jesus.

Making Disciples:

In Matthew 28 Jesus tells us “make disciples of all nations” but what does it actually mean to make disciples? This frequently asked question led our church to define what a disciple of Jesus is. Using Jesus’ calling of His first disciples in Matthew 4:19 we defined a disciple as a person who worships God, grows in their faith and shares life with God and others. In order to help our people grow as a disciple and disciple-maker we created our discipleship pathway.

Discipleship Pathway

  • Worship God in a weekly worship service
  • Grow your faith in a small group
  • Share your life with others in a D-group