“It’s Time” Family Giving Challenge

January 9, 2013

Family Giving Challenge

In order to provide a creative new way for the entire family to get involved with raising funds for our new building we are launching the “Family Giving Challenge”. We are encouraging each family to grab one of our “It’s Time” banks, decide upon a way to fill it up and then return it to the church on Sunday, March 10 during one of our morning services.


Ways to Fill Your Bank

With your spare change. Your family could commit to put all the spare change they have at the end of each day into the bank.

Parent’s Match. In order to encourage your children to give you could commit to match their donations to the bank.

Small Sacrifices. Each family member could choose one small luxury item to give up each week (i.e. can of soda, cup of coffee, movie rental, etc.) and instead put the money you would have spent into the “It’s Time” bank.

Be Creative. Your family should think and come up with an idea that works great for your family. We are excited to see what God does through our families giving together.

(We are currently out of banks but more should be in by Sunday, January 20.) 
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