Joy in Christ – a study through philippians

June 22, 2010

On some level we are all looking for happiness in life.  We keep looking for that one thing that will make life complete and will bring true fullfillment to our lives.  The house, the car, the husband or the wife, fill in the blank, we are looking for it.  The problem is while these things can bring momentary happiness, they cannot sustain it.

Part of the problem is while happiness is based on circumstances and things, it cannot be maintained, but joy on the other hand is sustainable in the midst of circumstances.  How?  Through the book of Philippians we will study how we can have true joy in our life through Christ.  13 times in the 4 chapters of Philippians Paul uses the word joy.  51 times in 104 verses he references Christ. He does this becuase he understood that our joy is found ultimately in Christ.

Join us every Sunday this summer (and probably longer) as we study through the book of Philippians and discover how we can find sustaining joy in Christ.

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