Security Updates for Children

September 1, 2011

At First Baptist Church of El Reno we desire to provide a safe and secure place for your child to learn about Jesus. Our desire to provide a safe place has led us to changing a few policies with our Children’s Ministry. We apologize for any added inconvenience but please remember that we believe these new measures will make things safer for your child.

Preschool & Children Security Policies (Pre-K thru 5th Grade)


1)     Each child must be checked in at their small group room. If there is not an adult leader present then your child cannot be checked in until they arrive. Your child is your responsibility until they are officially checked-in.

2)     At check-in your child’s leader will ask you if your child will be attending Kid’s church during the 11:00am service. If yes, they will safely escort your child to Kid’s Church at the appropriate time. You would then pick up your child from Kid’s Church after the 11:00am service.

3)     If your child is not attending Kid’s Church then it is your responsibility to pick your child up from their small group room. You need to have your child picked up by 10:50am.


1)     The church will be employing a text messaging system to communicate with parents. Please sign-up online here or fill out a registration form and turn it in to your child’s small group leader.

2)     The text messaging system will be used mainly to alert you in case of an emergency or if your child is needing assistance.

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