Make Scripture a Priority

November 13, 2016

One of the spiritual disciplines that is an absolute must for health, growth, and life as a believer is spending time in the Word of God. You absolutely cannot grow without it. It is the primary way that God has ordained to speak to us. Hear this clearly, The Word of God is God speaking to you! This is a wonderful and beautiful thing! Oh, how I pray that we cherish God’s perfect word.

One of the ways that we grow through God’s word is scripture meditation. Scripture meditation is where we take a portion of God’s word and think on it continually. Through this discipline, we ask questions of the text, think upon what it is saying, and seek application in our daily life. I want to encourage us to make this practice an everyday occurrence. I want us to be careful of thinking that we already know a passage and passing over it quickly but instead meditate upon what it means and what it looks like being implemented in our lives.

Our Creator has made a way for us to know him, experience him, and hear from him continually. This reality is found in the pages of his word. Let me lovingly encourage you to make Scripture a priority. Let me challenge you to discipline yourself to meditate continually on God’s word. I can assure you that it will lead to growth and a peace in your life that you would not have any other way.

For His glory and your joy,

Pastor Charlie 

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