Our men’s ministry exists for two purposes; first to provide opportunities for Men to grow closer to Christ and secondly to provide opportunities for our church to reach the men of the community with the gospel. We accomplish these two goals through many different events and activities throughout the year.

What We Offer:

Man Camp

At least once year, we provide an opportunity for spiritual growth through an outdoor experience in nature. The trip time and location varies but it is always a great time to draw closer to God.

Men’s Retreat

Every Spring the BGCO puts on a wonderful retreat for men at Falls Creek. This retreat provides a great opportunity for men to be men, ride Harleys, golf, fish, and grow close to God all in the same weekend.


In the fall we offer a huge event to which  men can bring other men, enjoy home cooked game, learn about hunting and fishing, win cool stuff, and hear an interesting speaker present the good news of Jesus Christ.