New Year, Same Focus

December 28, 2010

Identity series starts January 2nd

2010 is coming to a close and 2011 is right around the corner.  A new year tends to bring resolutions, changes, or maybe trying to make good on the changes you were supposed to make last year.  Losing the extra pounds, managing your money better, reading your Bible more, all different types of things seem to attract our attention, at least for a little bit.

At FBCER, while it may be a new year, we want to have the same focus;  exalting our savior, making disciples of Jesus, and reaching our lost world with the power of His gospel.  If I am being honest, we may have lost our focus at times this last year, and my desire is for us to to refocus our full effort on being the church God has called us to be in 2011.

I am challenging you to make God and his church your top priority in 2011.  Be faithful to worshipping Him, becoming a deeper disciple, growing in Biblical community with other believers, serving by using your gifts, and becoming missional in the world around us.  These will be our focus this year and our foucs every year, please join me.

We will start a new sermon series in January entitled Identity:  Who we are and what we’re about.  We will be reminded about our direction and mission as a church and will focus on these 5 core areas:  Truth, Worship, Community, Service, & Missional Living.  Let’s commit to making Christ the greatest desire in our lives.

For His glory and your joy,


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