The Next Step

December 12, 2019

In 2014, FBCER relocated to the new facility that we are now in. It was after several years of praying and planning that we made the journey. When we broke ground on the new facility, the cost of the project was five million dollars. By the time things were all said and done we had borrowed 3.2 million dollars to complete the project. The loan was finalized in February of 2015. Since that time, we have paid down the existing debt to right at 1.28 million dollars! God working through the generous giving of our membership has brought us to the point that the end of the debt is in sight.

We are launching a three-year campaign in December 2019, in an effort to eliminate our remaining debt. This campaign is entitled the NEXT Step,” as it is the next step we need to take in the journey of what God is doing at FBCER. Over the next three years we are asking everyone that calls FBCER their home, to give generously and sacrificially above their normal tithes and offering to help us pay off the remainder of the loan. With accruing interest, we need to raise 1.4 million dollars during this time. This campaign will launch with a special offering on December 15, 2019 and will end in December of 2022.

We ask that you and your family pray about how much you will commit to giving over the next three years.We will kick off this campaign with a commitment Sunday on December 15, 2019. On December 15, people are encouraged to bring their commitment card and an initial offering. Through God’s provision and your willingness to give, we can accomplish this NEXT Step together. We understand that life situations change, so the commitment card should not be considered binding. It simply serves as a way for us to know what to expect over the next three years and as a reminder for you.

While we won’t all be able to give the same amount, we can all play a part. Every gift matters, no matter how great or small. Some of us will give weekly, some monthly, and some yearly. You will still have the opportunity to give at three special offerings a year (April, September, & December). The important thing is that we all give as the Lord leads. Together we can take this NEXT Step as the Lord leads us into the future.

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