Night to Shine Volunteers

Night to Shine is only possible because of volunteers. It happens because all types of people do many different things. All volunteers must be at least 16 years old and will have to attend at least one training prior to the event. Check out the different ways you can serve below and the let us know what you would area you would like to help with by filling out our volunteer form by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Buddy (Prom Date for Honored Guest)- Your role will be to make this a night to remember for participants.  You will accompany and assist your assigned guest throughout the evening, providing companionship and any assistance they may need during the event.  You will be on your feet most of the evening.
  • Activities- Participate in activities with the honored guests.  Encourage them and maintain a fun atmosphere.  Activities may include helping them in and out of limo, karaoke, assisting in the Clydesdale area.
  • Bathroom Attendant- Help guests find the restroom and offer assistance in the restroom if needed. If a guest requires assistance with more than getting in and out of a stall or hand washing, it is appropriate to contact their parent or caregiver for assistance.  Monitor paper product availability and cleanliness.
  • Check-In- Warmly greet guests and volunteers, sign them in, give them their name tag or lanyard, and answer any questions they may have.
  • Coat Check- Greet guests, take their coats, label them and hang them. As guests leave, ask for their names and retrieve their coats. The coat check area will also service as lost and found at the end of the evening.
  • Dance Floor- Monitor the dance floor and the perimeter to make sure there are no “wallflowers.” Invite them to dance and engage with them.
  • Floaters- Constantly “float” around the main event space, kitchen, restrooms and outdoors to assist anywhere an extra hand is needed.
  • Flowers, Crowns/Tiaras- Help honored guests pin on their flowers and put on their tiaras/crowns.
  • Food Service- Serve food and drinks to honored guests and volunteers and keep the area clean.
  • Gift Takeaway- Manage gifts and help each guest collect their favors to take home.
  • Parking- Assist in maintaining a parking pattern and direct traffic for easy vehicle entry and exit. Maintain open fire and emergency lanes.
  • Photographers- Take professional quality photographs and treat honored guests like celebrities and VIPs.
  • Respite Room (Parent/Family/Caretaker Event)- Love on the parents/caretakers by serving food, spending time getting to know them and being available to pray with them.  Serve food and drinks and keep the area clean.
  • Sensory Team- Spend time with guests who may have become over-stimulated on the dance floor or in other areas of the prom. Interact with them by participating in sensory activities, singing or listening to calming music or simply providing them with some quiet time.
  • Set-Up/Decorations- Arrive at the designated time and execute event set-up and decorations.
  • Videographer- This volunteer will be responsible for sending high-quality b-roll footage or clips covering the key areas to TTF by noon EST on February 8, 2020.

Volunteer Registration