Operation Christmas Child Prayer Guide

October 25, 2019

October 26th – Thank God for Jesus and his sacrifice for our sins so we can be in a relationship with Him. Thank Him for the work of Operation Christmas Child and for using it as a tool to spread the Gospel around the world.


October 27th – Pray for the hearts of individuals who pack a shoebox, that the project would be a blessing to them as well as the child who receives the shoebox.

October 28th – Pray for families to use Operation Christmas Child as an opportunity to teach the next generation about sharing the love of Christ with others.

October 29th – Pray for church leaders to catch the vision of Evangelism, Discipleship, and Multiplication through shoebox gifts. Also, pray that Operation Christmas Child would bring unity within the local churches that participate.

October 30th – Pray that Operation Christmas Child shoebox packers, volunteers, and staff would be a witness for Christ in their communities. Also, pray that community groups would be inspired to pack shoebox gifts.

Drop-off Locations & Collection

October 31st – Pray for all drop-off locations around the country, that they would fully encompass the core values of a missional drop-off location: Prayerful, Transformational, Active, Promotional, Efficient, and Accurate.

November 1st – Pray that God would use drop-off locations to share the hope of Jesus with people who pack shoeboxes but do not know Him.

November 2nd – Pray for protection for all of the truck drivers transporting the shoeboxes to the Processing Centers and for efficient trucking logistics. Pray that any driver who has never heard the gospel would have the opportunity to do so, and would positively respond.

November 3rd – Pray for all technology to work in the way that it is designed to.


November 4th – Pray for the Operation Christmas Child staff who will be serving in the Processing Centers away from their families. Pray for the associate staff and volunteers, that they would grow in their love for the Lord, or come to know Him as a result of their time in the Processing Center.

November 5th – Pray for God to keep all Operation Christmas Child staff and the over 80,000 volunteers safe as they travel to and from the processing centers to serve this season.

November 6th – Pray for God to continue to allow efficiency in all of the Processing Center systems and to put His hand of power and protection on all mechanical systems and technology.

November 7th – Pray for God to speak into the hearts of every Chaplain in all of the different Processing Centers. Pray that God would give them wisdom and the words to say to every individual that they speak with.

International Shipping & Logistics

November 8th – Pray for all of the existing partnerships with the many different freight and shipping carriers, that those relationships would continue to be strong.

November 9th – Pray for the safety of all those involved in the transportation of the gift boxes and pray that all of the equipment that is used would work as it is designed to.

November 10th – Pray that God would give us favor with customs and government officials within the nearly 120 countries that we will be sending gift boxes into.

November 11th – Pray for the individual gift boxes, that the integrity of the box would be protected and that all boxes would arrive intact and undamaged.

National Leadership Teams & Unreached People Groups

November 12th – Pray for the over 1,100 international volunteer teams around the world who steward the ministry within their country.

November 13th – Pray for the local pastors who will be trained as Ministry Partners to present the

Gospel at Outreach Events.

November 14th – Pray for the Unreached People Groups (UPG’s) who will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel for the first time in history through Outreach Events within their communities.

November 15th – Pray for God to provide all of the funds needed through shoebox donations so that resources can be provided to Ministry Partners so they can clearly communicate the Gospel.

Outreach Events

November 16th – Pray for the planning of the over 75,000 outreach events around the world. Pray that God would provide the right locations and that they would be safe and distraction free.

November 17th – Pray for the children who will be invited to come to Outreach Events, that nothing and no one would hinder them from attending.

November 18th – Pray that the children attending the Outreach Events would clearly hear the Gospel and put their faith in Christ.

November 19th – Pray that the Lord would keep the work of the enemy away from Outreach Events and that the hearts of the families involved would be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

The Greatest Journey

November 20th – Pray for the 200,000 teachers of The Greatest Journey to personally grow as a disciple of Jesus before they begin making disciples. In addition, pray that the training events are spirit filled and heart focused.

November 21st – Pray for God to use The Greatest Journey teachers to make a lasting impact on the children in their classes and that the children would be genuine Christ followers who share their faith with others.

November 22nd – Pray for The Greatest Journey graduation events. Pray that families would come with soft hearts to hear, understand, and receive the love of Christ.

November 23rd – Pray for the hundreds of churches that were planted last year as a result of the work of Operation Christmas Child and The Greatest Journey. In addition, pray for even more churches to be planted in the upcoming year.

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