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Pastor Search Update

April 1, 2020

Hello to you church family.  I hope and pray that everyone is feeling well and staying healthy in these trying times.  I am writing to you today in an effort to keep as much of the congregation up to date regarding the upcoming search for our next pastor.  The information I have for you today is not different than what was shared on Sunday, March 29, but in case you missed it…

After the deacon body and personnel committee met, the recommendation to move forward is as follows. First, we are calling the church to a specific and dedicated time, 3 weeks, of prayer prior the selection of the search committee.  The guidelines and useful prompts for this time of prayer are posted at  Second, the plan is to select the search committee on April 19th.  Although we would obviously love to be meeting in our church building again by that date, the reality is that we have to plan for that not being the case.  If we are able to gather together in-person on the 19th, we will have a special called business meeting following the worship service (time not determined yet) to elect the committee.  If we are still only able to meet virtually, then we will proceed with the selection of the committee through other avenues that have not been completely settled as of this writing. Avenues could include mail in or drop off ballots or a type of online form.  Our desire is to communicate, communicate, communicate.  The leadership of our church body is striving to help our members feel as connected as possible in these uncertain and unprecedented times.

If and when there is new information regarding the search for our new pastor, whether it is the timing or method, we will pass it along.  In the meantime, let me encourage every member to stay connected.  In this day and age of “social distancing,” let us not forsake the gathering together of ourselves.  Yes I know it is going to look and feel different when it’s a mostly virtual gathering, but please make the effort.  I love you church family. I’m praying for the continued spiritual growth of our body, and I’m trusting that each of you will join me in that endeavor.

Brian Shafer
Chairman of Deacons

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