July 25, 2012

Swimming and growing in your faith? Yes, it can be done! Over the next three Wednesday nights we will be taking our normal REFUGE service on the road to backyard with a concrete pond. We are doing this as a way to finish of the summer in a fun and different way but yet still have an opportunity to teach the truth of Jesus to students.

Each week we will have a meal, swim, study God’s Word, pray together and have discussion groups. We will be splitting up into Middle School (6th-8th grade) and High School (9th-12th grade) groups each week as well.Please remember that we do a particular dress code for swimmers. Boys, no tight fitting or extremely short suits. Girls, all swimsuits must be covered by a dark colored T-Shirt.



July 25

Middle School @ The Wehmullers’

High School @ The Reeves’

August 1

Middle School @ The Haynes’

High School @ The Hokett’s

August 8

Middle School @ The Holsted’s

High School @  The Haynes’

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