Pray for Falls Creek

June 6, 2012

We strongly believe God responds to the prayers of His people. Because of this, we want to engage and encourage the entire church to pray for Falls Creek in an unprecedented way in 2012. We will do this in two ways. First, we will have a “60 Day Prayer Guide” that will begin on Thursday, May 10 and it will conclude the Monday of middle school week. (The prayer guide is included with this packet.) Secondly, we will encourage adults to pray specifically for at least one student during each week of camp. (We will assign those the Sunday before we go to camp.)

Below are a list of five specific areas we want to pray for this summer.

We are calling on people to pray for students in regard to five areas of critical concern: Personal Brokenness; Salvation; Family Life; Perseverance; and Call to Ministry.

Personal Brokenness

  1. Pray students would be broken by their sin and yield to the wooing of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Pray students would be broken from the shackles of addiction and lean on Christ.
  3. Pray students would be broken from unhealthy relationships and and find their identity in Jesus.
  4. Pray students would be broken from rebellion and willingly submit to the authority of Christ.


  1. Pray students would be moved by the Gospel and gladly give their hearts and lives to Christ.
  2. Pray for camp pastors to boldly proclaim the name of Jesus and faithfully share the Gospel.
  3. Pray students would know that “salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

Family Life

  1. Pray for the homes of students and for the influences contained therein.
  2. Pray for the parents of students, for their salvation and/or growth in the faith.
  3. Pray for protection for students caught in abusive situations.
  4. Pray that students may be a Gospel witness in their home.


  1. Pray the decisions made at Falls Creek are not quickly abandoned by students after returning home.
  2. Pray for a heart of perseverance in students that would help them endure trials.
  3. Pray that students would faithfully connect to a church and grow in their faith.
  4. Pray protection upon the students and ask God to protect them from the evil one.

Call To Ministry

  1. Pray that God would speak to the hearts of students and call many into the Gospel ministry.
  2. Pray for students to be mobilized for missions and to commit to short term missions efforts.
  3. Pray for students to clearly recognize God’s call on their life and submit to His plan for them.
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