Reach Week Prayer Guide

April 3, 2015

Would you join us in 28 days of focused prayer for Reach Week with Ken Freeman? Below is a list of a certain ways you can pray each day. Download a printable copy here.

Day 1- April 6 // Pray that God is Glorified. More than anything, we want God to be glorified through everything our church does and this is especially true for Reach Week. We want God to be glorified by what happens in each service we have. If God is glorified, then Reach Week will be a success.

Day 2- April 7 // Pray that Disciples are Made. Our desire for Reach Week is that people who are far from God could be introduced to Jesus and begin a relationship with Him. We are praying for people to abandon their old life and begin the life-long process of being a disciple of Jesus. Pray that God would lead many people to become His disciples during this event.

Day 3- April 8 // Pray to be Prepared. Take some time today to evaluate where you are spiritually. Are you following after Jesus with all parts of you? Are you fully prepared to be used by God during Reach Week? As you spend time praying through these questions, ask God to prepare you to be spiritually ready for this event.

Day 4- April 9 // Pray for Ken Freeman. We are excited to have Ken Freeman coming to Reach Week. Ken is a gifted communicator and has a powerful testimony. Pray that God would prepare him to be with us and give him a message to share with us.

Day 5- April 10 // Pray for a Person. What would happen if every adult in our church brought a person to Reach Week? Simply put, we wouldn’t have enough room; but more important, 300+ new people would get to hear the gospel proclaimed. Begin praying about what person you need to bring with you to Reach Week.

Day 6- April 11 // Pray for Receptive Hearts. You can’t force a person to come to church with you, nor can you force them to want to follow Jesus. Pray that God would begin working on the person that you are praying for. Pray that God would soften their hearts to your invitation and His.

Day 7- April 12 // Pray for Today. It is Sunday; pray that God would move during our services and small groups today. Pray for Charlie, Glen & Derek as they lead us in our worship services. Pray for your small group leader as they lead your group.

Day 8- April 13 // Pray for God to be Glorified. It’s Monday and you have a brand new week ahead of you. Meditate on 1 Corinthians 10:31 today. Pray that God would be glorified through everything you do this week.

Day 9- April 14 // Pray for your Discipleship. Are you growing in your faith? If not, spend time asking God what needs to change in your life so that you can grow. Do you need to spend more time studying the Bible? Do you need to get plugged in with a small group? Whatever it is that God reveals to you, take that next step towards growth. If you are growing in your faith, spend some time thanking God and pray that you would be prepared for any enemy attacks that might derail your spiritual growth.

Day 10- April 15 // Pray for Today/Tonight. Wednesday is a huge day of ministry at FBCER. Pray for the people that will lead today. Pray for the people that will come. Pray that children, students and adults will all be challenged and that God would be gloried.

Day 11- April 16 // Pray for Church Leadership. God has placed many great leaders in this church. Pray that God would give our leaders strength as they continue to lead FBCER to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Day 12- April 17 // Prayer of Evaluation. How have you done this week at bringing God glory? What times did you fail and what times did you succeed? Confess your failures to God and remember that His grace covers all your failures. Ask God to continue to give you the strength to always bring Him glory.

Day 13- April 18 // Pray for Ken Freeman. Ken will be preaching in NW Arkansas this next week. Pray that God’s spirit would move and disciples would be made in Arkansas. You might even let him know you are praying for him by writing on his Facebook wall or mailing him an encouraging note.

Day 14- April 19 // Pray for our Small Group Leaders. Spend some time praying for your small group leader. Today we are having training for them. Pray that God would continue to grow them and equip them to lead effectively. If you aren’t a part of a small group, pray about going to one today.

Day 15- April 20 // Pray that God is Glorified. Pray that our church would be more concerned with God receiving glory than anything else. That everything we do would put the spotlight on God and take it off of FBCER.

Day 16- April 21 // Pray for Disciples. Pray that our church would be full of disciples of Christ that follow Him with all that they have.

Day 17- April 22 // Pray for Willingness. Pray that the people of FBCER would be willing to do whatever God asks of them. Pray that we would be willing to do anything to further God’s Kingdom in our town, state, nation and world.

Day 18- April 23 // Prayer of Thanks. What has God been teaching you recently? Spend some time thanking God for all that He has been doing in your life. Be specific.

Day 19- April 24 // Pray for our Students. Wednesday evening of Reach Week, we will have a special student night at the high school auditorium. Spend some time praying for our students as they reach out to their friends. Pray that many students would become a disciple of Jesus during this special event.

Day 20- April 25// Pray for Tomorrow. We continue “The Broken Family” Series tomorrow. Pray for the families in our church and in our community, that they would realize that the only hope for their family is found in the gospel.

Day 21- April 26// Pray for Today. Pray that people would experience Jesus today and that they would be drawn closer to Him.

Day 22- April 27// Pray for God to be Glorified. What in your life is getting in the way of God being glorified through you? Whatever it is, confess it to God and ask Him to glorify Himself through you and our church.

Day 23- April 28 // Pray for Growing Disciples. Becoming a follower of Jesus is a decision that begins a life-long transformation. Pray for the people that will begin following Jesus at Reach Week. Pray that they will become a growing disciple of Jesus who is being transformed daily.

Day 24- April 29// Pray for boldness. Have you invited the person that God laid on your heart to Reach Week yet? Reach Week begins Sunday. Seek God and ask for an opportunity and strength to invite the person He laid on your heart.

Day 25- April 30 // Pray for Ken Freeman. Continue to pray for Ken. Pray that God would give him the words to say and that God would use him in a powerful way. Pray for spiritual sensitivity and discernment as he preaches the message of Christ.

Day 26- May 1 // Pray for a God-sized Work. Pray that what happens during Reach Week would be so big that only God could get the glory for it. We want an awakening, not for our sake but for the sake of God’s glory.

Day 27- May 2 // Prayer of Preparation. Reach week begins tomorrow. Seek God and ask Him to search your heart. Make sure you are as prepared as you can be to meet with God these next several days. Join us for a special time of preparatory prayer tonight at 7:30pm in the worship center.

Day 28- May 3 // Pray for Life-change. Pray that people would encounter Jesus today and leave Reach Week changed forever. Pray for Ken and our worship band as they begin to lead us in the event this morning.

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