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December 1, 2019

Q: How should Christians feel about Kanye?

Recently, social media has been abuzz with hip-hop star Kanye West’s testimony of conversion, even releasing an album entitled “Jesus is King.” Social media has been filled with conversation that ranges from anger to wanting to liken Kanye to the next apostle Paul. How should we, as Christians react, when celebrities or prominent figures make a profession of faith?

God can save anyone- If the Bible reveals anything, it shows that God is capable of bringing salvation to anyone. Every time God saves, it is an act of grace, by which He rescues a sinner. From adulterers to murderers and everything in between, God is willing and able to save the worst of sinners. This is why you and I can have hope. Even a figure like Kanye, whose past reveals an example of “how not to live,” is not too far from the life changing power of the Gospel. The Bible is clear that if a person repents and trusts in Jesus, they will be saved.

Salvation should be celebratedWhen any person make a declaration of faith, that salvation is to be celebrated. Jesus states in Luke 15:10 that there is “joy in the presence of God’s angels over one sinner who repents.” If there is joy in heaven, there should be joy on earth as well. Our age of skepticism often makes it difficult to believe what people are saying, especially in terms of faith. My hope is that Kanye is sincere about his conversion. Until I have reason to believe it is not genuine, I celebrate it as a picture of God’s redeeming grace.

We should be careful- Our culture is way too quick to crown people as the official spokesman of something. Just because Kanye has made a profession of faith, it does not mean that he is now the official spokesman for Christianity. Time will tell, as it does in everyone’s life, of the genuineness of his faith. The Bible warns us that we should not be too quick to put a new believer in a position of authority In the same way, we should not be too quick to label Kanye as the ultimate picture of Christian living. Time will tell, as it does for us all. Until that time we should be careful in giving anyone too much of a voice.

We all need continued grace- All of us have stumbled in the journey of faith, as will Kanye. Unfortunately for him, he is in the center of the public eye. When he falters, no doubt, there will be much uproar. In that moment, we should remember that we are all in need of continued grace from God and others. Stumbling doesn’t mean you are not a believer, it is a reminder that you are human and that God’s saving work is not yet complete. We should all be willing to show grace as we have received it.

Finally… I hope Kanye’s conversion is legitimate, and until I have reason to question it, I will celebrate it as I would any person who has been brought from death to life as his salvation is not less or more than anyone else’s. I will be careful not to put too much stock in anything he says or doesn’t say as he is a new believer, who has much maturing to do, as we all do, and I will celebrate the fact that God can save any and all sinners who come to Him by faith in Jesus as He did me.


For His glory and your joy,

Pastor Charlie


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