ReThink Apologetics Conference

August 24, 2016

FBCER Student Ministry High Schoolers Headed to Dallas for Conference

Ideas have consequences. The ideas that you think are true will ultimately play themselves out in the way that you live. Every. Single. Day. We all live at the mercy of our ideas. That’s why the apostle Paul warns us not to be taken captive by the false views of the world (Colossians 2:8).

Sadly, many Christians have been captured by the culture. Their thinking reflects the thinking of the society. Their worldview is no different from that of their unbelieving friends.

The goal of ReThink is to provoke a new generation to rethink their worldview, recapture the truth, and then reengage the world for the cause of Christ.

10th-12th graders are invited to join us for the ReThink Apologetics Conference on October 21-22 in Dallas, TX. Cost to attend is $65 per student. Complete trip information is available here.

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