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Search Committee Selected

April 26, 2020

Our Pastor Search Committee has been selected. Please join us in praying for each of them as they seek God in finding our next lead pastor. If you have questions or simply want to them to know you are praying for them you can contact the committee at

Garland Delk– Chairman

Garland and his wife Susan have been a part of FBCER for 29 years. They enjoy riding horses and spending time with their kids and grandkids. Garland is a lifetime educator and currently principal at El Reno Learning Center. He is also involved with discipling men, serves as a small group leader and a deacon. As you pray for him, pray God’s protection over his family and that he would be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Garland asks that you pray guidance for the committee as they decide on a interim pastor. He also asks you to pray for God to call the next shepherd and start stirring his heart.

Ronnie Funck

Ronnie and his wife Kathy have three grown children. They have been a part of FBCER for 50+ years. Ronnie enjoys hunting, fishing, and lake activities. He is retired but served in the military, retail grocery, and county government. Ronnie is a deacon and stays busy serving on a parking team, our weekly snack ministry, and many other places. As you pray for Ronnie, pray for strength, wisdom, direction, unity, and that he would “let go and let God”. Ronnie asks that you pray for the committee to not get ahead of God but that they would wait on the Lord and that they would not lean on their own understanding.

Linda Howard

Linda is a mom and grandmother that has been a part of FBCER for her entire life. She is a retired hair-dresser that continues to work part-time. She cherishes time with her family and friends. Linda has been invested in making disciples at FBCER, she is a small group leader, serves on the welcome team, and the women’s ministry. As you pray for Linda, pray for peace and patience. Pray that during these difficult days we are in, that she would “be still and know He is God.” Linda asks that you pray for the committee to rely on God for wisdom and discernment and that they would trust and obey God during this time.

Jason Looper

Jason is a husband to Lacey and father to two middle school girls, Emercyn and Harper. Jason loves hunting and the outdoors. He is local insurance agent. Jason has been a part of FBCER for 12 years and serves as a small group leader, Finance Committee member, SWORD team leader, and on the welcome team. As you pray for Jason, pray for patience, discernment, endurance, and his family. He also asks that you would pray the same things for the committee.

Brian Shafer

Brian is married to Traci and they are the proud parents of 10 children and one grandchild. They have been a part of FBCER for 18 years. Brian is a dentist with a local practice in El Reno for 18 years.  He and his family enjoy travel and they have successfully made it to all 50 states. Brian is the current chairman of the deacons, leads a small group, helps with Students, and leads our monthly dental clinic. As you pray for Brian, pray for discernment, wisdom ,and perseverance. Brian asks that we pray for the committee to have discernment, wisdom, and unity.

Mark Gallaway– Alternate

Mark and his wife Sue have been a part of FBCER for 25 years.  He is a retired railroader and enjoys sports, golf, and has coin collection. He currently serves on our personnel committee, leads a small group, and is a deacon. As you pray for Mark, ask God for wisdom and knowledge. He asks that you pray for the committee to have God’s direction as they search for our next pastor.


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