New Small Group Schedule & Opportunites to Serve

August 15, 2013

FBCER will be having church at El Reno High School beginning on September 15! We are excited by this change and expect to continue to see God do great things in the life of our church while we temporarily meet at the high school. As we go mobile we are making two big changes.

First, we are going to have two small group hours and two services. At 9:00am we will be offering small groups and a little more traditional worship service, then at 10:30am we will be offering more small groups and a worship service with a more modern feel. Please check out a detailed list of all our small groups here.

Second, there will be plenty of areas for people to become like Jesus by serving His church. We have pin pointed five key areas of service for our church as we go mobile. Please check our five serving options out here.

We would ask you to pray and seek God on where we he wants you to attend small group and serve beginning on September 15. Once you know, please use the form below to let us know!

This form has closed for new registrations.

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