The 7 Challenge

July 2, 2014


What: Beginning on July 20 we are challenging the people of FBCER to commit to seven different things for seven straight weeks. Our commitment during these seven weeks will help us finish mobile church strongly while preparing us for all of the exciting things God has in store for us at the new building.

The Commitments:

1) Be Here. We are challenging everyone to be present for seven straight weeks of church. We want everyone to try their best to be faithful to small groups and a worship service.
2) Pray. In order to finish strong and prepare well we are going to need our ultimate source of strength, God. We are asking each person in this challenge to be a part of our 49 day prayer journey. You can get a copy of the prayer journey at the welcome desk, online or delivered daily via Facebook.
3) Spend Time in God’s Word. God’s Word is the anchor to our lives. In order to successfully complete this challenge we will need to each spend consistent time reading, meditating and memorizing the Bible. Weekly suggested scripture readings will be in the worship guide and online.
4) Serve God & Others. As we are wrapping up mobile church, how is God calling you to serve and help out? As we prepare to launch at our new location, what is God calling you do? The level of service that is present in our church will either be a deterrent or an accelerant for growth.
5) Give Sacrificially. We are planning on receiving a Celebration Offering at our Celebration Service on September 6. How is God calling you and your family to be a part of this offering? What could you give up during The 7 Challenge so that you give what God is calling you to for the Celebration Offering?
6) Invite Others. Don’t keep FBCER to yourself! Who has God placed in your life that you need to bring with you to church? Make every effort to get those people to church with you during our challenge.
7) Expect Great Things. Get ready! What is God going to do during our seven weeks of obedience? We are not sure about the specifics but we know that God loves obedience. Come expecting God to do great and amazing things!

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