New Process for Super Summer Students

September 12, 2012

What is Super Summer? Super Summer is a Christian camp designed for students 7th-12th grade that express evidence of and a desire to be leaders in their student ministry. Super Summer is designed to challenge students in their faith and push them to deeper levels in their relationship with Christ. Super Summer’s motto “is send us your best and we will send them back better.”

Why do we participate? We go to Super Summer to provide a place for students to go deeper and grow in their relationship with God. We also hope to increase their ability to make a difference in their family, school and at this church.

When is it? Super Summer will take place June 3-7, 2013 from Monday to Friday.

How much is it? Super Summer traditionally charges $170 per student. The church normally invests around $70 per student which leads student having to pay around $100 themselves.

The Application Process: We are always looking at how we can improve our student ministry and this year those improvements include some changes we are making to the Super Summer application process. We have expanded the process from an application and interview in March to an initial application and interview in September, followed by a mid-year interview/check-up in January and ending with a final interview in April. We are beefing up our process to provide better guidance and accountability to our student leaders throughout the year. Students may be permitted to enter the Super Summer acceptance process at a later date but their acceptance will be more difficult.

Initial Interview- September 16 from 3-5pm. Please let Tyler or Derek know by Friday, September 14 that you wish to apply. We will let you know your interview time by Sunday Small Groups. Then bring the initial application to your interview.

Second Interview/Mid-year Check-up- January 20 3-5pm. Your interview time will be given to by January 16. This interview will be just for us to check-up on how you’re doing and provide guidance and correction in certain areas.

Final Interview- April 7 3-5pm. We will have a final interview and then make a decision on your Super Summer eligibility.

Characteristics of a Student Leader: The following are a list of the characteristics that we believe a person that is striving to be a student leader should be exemplifying.

  • An Authentic Love for God. Super Summer is a camp for Christian students. So each student that wishes to apply should be a follower of Christ.
  • A Passion for Prayer. Prayer is an essential part of anyone’s walk with God. It is how we communicate with Him and we believe that a student that loves God should be communicating with Him daily.
  • A Hunger for God’s Word. God’s Word is a lamp to light up our path and food for our weary soul. A student leader must possess a desire to get in God’s Word and to get God’s Word in them.
  • A Willingness to Serve. Jesus was a leader that led by serving, even to the point of death on a cross. Student leaders must strive to be like Christ and serve those around them.
  • A Commitment to Church. The church is a big deal to God and it should be a big deal to us. A student leader should be committed to being in a small group, attending a Sunday morning worship service, being a part of REFUGE and attending other important events and activities.
  • An Excitement for Evangelism. The Church, God’s people, is His plan for evangelism. We want our student leaders to be the driving force of evangelism in our ministry.

An Eagerness to Invest in the Next Generation. We have a biblical mandate to pass on our faith and disciple the next generation. We believe that this process can begin with our student leaders.

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