Summer is Coming, A Call to Pray!

May 20, 2016

In the next two weeks, the school year will be over, marking the beginning of summer break. It is hard to believe that another school year has come and gone, and the reality is that the next school year will be here before we know it. Time flies. We live in a world where our “breaks” are as busy as any other time of year. That is true in church life also. Our schedule will be filled with ministries for children and students this summer. This creates a couple of opportunities for us. We can serve and we can pray.

We are always in need of men and women who are willing to enthusiastically serve and minister during these important events. This is a critical opportunity to invest in the next generation of our church. All of us can remember men and women in our lives who were willing to invest in us. People who took time to teach God’s word to us. People who took time to laugh and have fun with us. God was at work through the lives of others to help draw us to him and shape our lives for his eternal purpose. If you are able to serve this summer, we need you.

While not all of us are able to serve this summer, we are all called and able to pray. If we want real change to happen in the lives of children and students, it will not be because we put together the best programs, but because the God of heaven was at work in their lives. We need to come before his throne, pleading with him to use these ministries to shape and change lives. Let me implore you to join us in prayer over these areas of ministry happening this summer.

Kid’s Camp/June 1-4 – Tyler will be leading a group of 4th-6th graders to Falls Creek for camp. There they will be engaged continually with God’s word. Ask God’s Holy Spirit to make the children aware of their need for Jesus. Ask him to call children who are believers to a deeper level of faith.  Pray for Tyler and the leaders as they shepherd the kids at camp. Lastly, pray for me as I will be preaching to the entire camp over the course of 3 days.

Super Summer/June 13-17 – Derek will be leading a group of leadership students comprised of 7-12th graders to Shawnee for a week that will challenge them to walk closer with God and help them develop leadership skills to make a difference in the world. Ask God to take them to new depths of faith. Derek will be teaching throughout the week. Ask God to bless his preparation and teaching.

VBS/June 20-24th- Vacation Bible School is our biggest evangelistic event of the year for children. For five days we have the opportunity to proclaim the gospel to children from Pre-K to 6thgrade. Last year we enrolled over 300 kids! This year we are praying for 500! Ask God to bring salvation to many children. Ask for a clear sharing and understanding of the gospel. Pray for every leader to be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and to be used greatly for God’s kingdom.

Falls Creek/July 11-16 – Derek will lead two cabins full of youth to Falls Creek this summer. Falls Creek is the largest Christian Youth Camp in the World. Every year thousands of students are introduced to the life-changing message of the gospel. Pray for salvation. Pray for growth. Pray for Derek and his leaders as they serve and lead students. Pray for me as I preach to the camp that week. Ask God to move mightily.

There is a lot going on. This means that we need to be all the more intentional on going to our God and asking him to move. Join me in praying.

For His glory and your joy,

Pastor Charlie

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