The God of Love

February 9, 2012

In Exodus 34:6-7, one of the ways that God not only defines Himself, but also reveals himself is as a ‘God abounding in steadfast love.’  Many years later, John writes and says that ‘God is love’.  From cover to cover the Bible depicts God as a God of love and there is no denying the truth that he loves us more than we can ever understand. But what does that really mean?  Does it mean that God only does what I want him to do?  Does it mean that God gives me what I want? Does it mean that God would never punish anyone for sins because that would be unloving? The reality is that “God is love” might be one of the most misundertsood statements in all the Bible.

In this weeks message we will look at the truth that one of the aspects of God’s nature is love and try to define Biblically what that really means. We will look at what it means for us and how we can really know that God loves us.  Come join us this Sunday as we look at the God of love.

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