The Most Wonderful Time of Year

July 13, 2017

Don’t worry. I am not talking about Christmas. (There are only 23 weeks until Christmas so we are on the downhill slide.) But rather I want to talk about Falls Creek. Yesterday, over 60 people from our church went to Falls Creek for a week of camp. I love Falls Creek! I have gone to Falls Creek in some form or fashion every summer since I was in the 4th grade. The memories I have and experiences I had at Falls Creek are some of my most cherished. I am sure many of you reading this have similar feelings.

Falls Creek is a special place because of God. Throughout its history it has been a place where the focus has always been on God and His glorious gospel. It is also a special place because people actually get away from the distractions of this world and slow down enough to meet with God. God has done tremendous work in my life when I was at Falls Creek. I surrendered to the ministry there. What has God done in your life while you were at Falls Creek? Were you saved there? Maybe you got serious about your faith there or did you commit to give God your whole heart for His glory?

As you think about those times in your life at Falls Creek where God worked in your life, I want you to ponder something else. How has God worked in your life recently? Sadly many of us rely on the camp experience to meet with God but he would love to work in our lives every day. God not only works at Falls Creek, but also here at home. It depends on if we are actually listening and in a place to let Him work.

As we move forward I would challenge you to not live off the experiences you had years ago at camp. God tells us in His Word that His mercies are new every morning. So let’s put ourselves in the best place to experience God every day of life. When we do, our lives will be changed.

In Christ,


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