The Need for Disicipleship

One of the greatest needs we have in church today is discipleship.  We need spiritually mature men and women who will pour into the lives of younger Christians.  It is the mission of the church to make followers of Christ.  This doesn’t just happen, but requires intentional effort and much prayer.

My heart has been burdened by this need.  As I study the Scriptures, especially Titus 2, we find the emphasis and obligation is placed on the older, spiritually mature believers to train, teach, and disciple the younger believers to be like Christ. A couple of weeks ago I publicly begged for this, and I’m not going to go away. Please understand how much we need you! God has placed all of us here for a reason. There is a reason God has brought together such a wide array of ages in our church.

I believe in this so much that we will soon be starting what we will call “the Titus 2 Project”. We will intentionally try to pair together Christ followers for the purpose of discipleship. You may be wondering where you fit into this.  You will find out shortly but until then I want you to do a couple of things.  First, pray. Pray hard. Pray that God would give you a heart for discipleship. Pray that God would put someone in your life to encourage and challenge you to grow in Christ likeness. Second read Titus 2.  Study it and see where you fit into this plan.

A couple of weeks ago I visited with a young lady who is a faithful member of our church.  She shared with me some struggles she was going through with her family. I asked her if she had any women in the church she could call on to pray with her, and her response broke my heart.  She said no, not really.  This lady is not a fringe member, she is involved regularly in our church, yet she didn’t feel she had anyone to pray with her.  I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, but pray that we would see how desperately we need each other! Oh, how I hope that God would convict us to the point that we would seek each other out that we might lift one another up and spur one another along to Christ-likeness.

Pastor Charlie


  1. I totally hear what you are saying and I know how the young lady feels. Growing up in church I never really felt connected to any of the women in my church other than my family. It is a sad thing and also frustrating. I’ve traveled a lot and have experienced many things in my life that I feel God is calling me to share, encourage and help younger women through the things that I have faced and overcome in my past. My twin sister and I speak to many women groups and also sing. She is a pastor’s wife which makes it easy to get the appearances but I feel God has so much more for me but I’m not sure where to start. I know that He will open those doors for me when the time is right but I’m nervous about stepping out and opening and sharing my experiences with others. However, it is necessary to bring glory to God for all He has brought me through by sharing my experiences with others. I love people and know God can change people, all people because He changed me!!!! Praise God that we can help others through just being there for them and praying with one another. While I am not a member of your church I love the Lord and I think just living our lives the way Christ intended for us to is a perfect way to start mentoring others. Walk the walk and not just talk the talk. If we do not help others, they will look for their answers from the world. I pray that I can be bold, obedient yet humble by doing His work!!!!