The Need for Jesus

December 14, 2010

It is easy to lose focus of what is important when things get busy.  Christmas is one of those times of year when things get so hectic that our attention is quickly turned from the important to just trying to stay caught up.  Shopping, parties, family get togethers, kids programs, all seem to demand our time to the point that it seems we never slow down. 

 What always gets lost in these times is Jesus.  I am not just referring to remembering to read the Christmas story, but understanding why the Christmas story is so imporant.  Understanding the Christmas story involves us understanding our need for Jesus.  Becasue of our sin and rebellion against God, we find ourselves as objects of his divine wrath and holy judgment.  We cannot sin against God and walk away unpunished.  So God, out of His grace sends Jesus to take our place and pay our price.  He dies for us and comes back to life, overcoming sin and death for those of us who believe.

This is what makes Christmas so special, that in our greatest need God intervened by sending Jesus, Immanuel, “God with us.”  This year as you celebrate Christmas, make sure you remember  how great your need was and is, and how God responded in Jesus.

Pastor Charlie

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