Time to Surrender

January 10, 2019

For over two millennia, the white flag has been a sign of surrender. In times of war it was waved to signify giving up and a refusal to fight. For many, the idea of surrender is a sign of weakness, for the Christian it is where we find our strength. Over and over again the theme of giving up is recorded in Scripture. A willingness to lay down one’s life, a willingness to die to self, a call to offer our lives as a living sacrifice is all part of the Christian experience. While it is paradoxical, it is in dying to self we find life, it is in surrendering our lives that we live. As we begin a New Year, let me challenge you to start 2019 by giving up. Giving up control (or the mirage of control) to the Lordship of King Jesus. Offer your whole life, not just the parts you are comfortable with, as a sacrifice to him. Quit trying to call the shots and let him have his way in every area of your life. Surrender. As you go on this journey you will find that you begin by laying your life on the altar and in doing so you will be faced with specific areas that he wants you to surrender. He will ask you to give up these things as a sacrifice but he will replace them with something so much more, namely himself. With each step you will be faced with trusting him or living for yourself. Surrender. You will be asked to surrender. At first it will be the hardest thing you have ever done. Dying to self isn’t easy, but over time something amazing will take place. You will find that in losing you are gaining. You will find life is easier to live because you will see that “his yoke is easy and his burden is light.” You will find that in surrendering to him that you “will find rest for your soul.” Surrendering isn’t appealing, but it is the only way to the abundant life that Jesus offers.

2019 is a year of surrender. Take some time and meditate on Romans 12:1-2. Think about the why of surrender. Next, think about the what of surrender. What are you holding back? What is keeping you from “offering your body as a living sacrifice”? You will never experience the true joy of walking with Christ until you surrender. So join me this year in surrendering to God. He is worthy and it will be worth it.

For His glory and your joy,
Pastor Charlie

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