Five Things to Pray about for VBS

June 16, 2016

Monday starts a week of VBS. Hundreds of children Pre-K thru 6th grade will fill the building full of energy and excitement. VBS is one of our biggest kid’s events of the year and is one of our greatest opportunities for outreach and evangelism toward kids and their parents. Let me ask you to continue in prayer as we ask God to do great things over the coming week and weeks in the lives of our kids.

Pray for a big turnout. We want to impact as many kids as possible for the kingdom of God. Some kids will hear the good news of Jesus for the first time. Others will come to faith. The seed of the gospel will be sowed, watered, and reaped this week. We want as many as possible to hear the good news.

Pray for receptive hearts. We know that we need God to move and work if any lives are going to be changed. It begins with the Holy Spirit of God working in the hearts of those who will hear the good news. Whether the child is lost and in need of the Savior or the child is a believer who God is wanting to do a deeper work in, we need hearts who are receptive to God’s word. We are asking God to change lives this week. It begins with God working and drawing hearts to him.

Pray for a clear message. We are asking God to make the teaching and proclamation of his word clear. Pray for each teacher and leader to be gifted by God to speak with clarity without watering down the truth of God’s word. Kids are capable of understanding serious truths about God. We want to present it in a clear way that they can understand.

Pray for a fun week. Our goal isn’t just for VBS to be fun, but there is nothing wrong with it being fun. God has given us the ability to enjoy things. Christians can have fun while serving and learning about God. We want to have a fun week encountering the God of the Bible as we delight in him. Ask God to make the halls of the building fill with smiles and laughter as we seek God.

Pray that we connect families. One of our goals is that we connect families to God and his church. We hope and pray that moms and dads will see the importance of God in the life of their family and want to connect with his people. Ask God to connect a large amount of families to FBCER.

We are excited about VBS. Join us in asking the God of heaven to work and move in the lives of hundreds of kids and that there would be a ripple effect in our community.

For His glory and your joy,

Pastor Charlie

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