Vision Night Report

October 5, 2012

FBCER responded with fantastic enthusiasm to the presentation of 3Level Design, our architects, and our building committee. The video presentation of the outside of the projected building was exciting to say the least. The congregation asked many excellent questions and those were addressed the meeting leadership. The conceptual drawings of the new facility are available for viewing.

We need to remember that what was presented Sunday evening is only a small part of the work which still remains–in other words, we have still have a long journey to go in the design and construction process. But what a tremendous first step we made together into the future.

The It’s Time campaign began with a wonderful outpouring of gifts from the people of FBCER. Our hope had been to raise at least $50,000 in one time gifts to kick off the campaign. Anonymously, some of our members had committed to match the first $50,000 donated. We are pleased, however, to announce that with the help of the Lord we did much better. In total, we received $167,073.00. Praise the Lord! We know that families from FBCER prayerfully gave to help achieve this first step.

If you have not yet received an It’s Time packet, those continue to be available. We believe many more will desire to be a part of providing the financial resources to bring this dream to completion. The people of FBCER are showing that we believe this is a God-given dream. The facility is not the church; that is an important distinction. The people are the church; the facility is a tool we utilize as a center for our ministries. These ministries seek to build the Kingdom of God.

Please continue to pray for the It’s Time campaign, our pastor and staff, Larry Hodges and the building committee, and our architects. Many facets of this project are under continual study. Pray for creativity, wisdom, energy, vision, courage, leadership and financial resources. Praise be to the Lord for His goodness, grace, and mercy.

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