Core Values

Our Mission

FBCER exists to bring glory to God by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our mission statement is simple but encompasses everything we hope to be and do. We are serious about being disciples because we believe that disciples are serious about glorifying God and are about making disciples. The disciples life is a surrendered life and demands that we love Christ and others.


The Five Driving Forces of FBCER

These five foundational ideas motivate everything we do. Our vision, ministries, and direction as a church center on and flow from these beliefs.


We believe in the complete truth of God’s Word. We believe the Scriptures are God inspired, inerrant, and the only absolute truth you can build your life upon. Because we believe in the sufficiency of scripture, it drives our message, teaching, and personal study. We believe every part of the Bible is truth, even the difficult parts.

We also believe that truth is  found in Jesus Christ.  He alone is “the way, the truth, and the life.” All parts of Scripture point us to Him. Truth is at the center of the remaining driving forces. (John 8:32, 14:6; 2 Timothy 4:12; Hebrews 4:12)


We believe the purpose of creation is to glorify God. We as his creation and as his redeemed people glorify Him through our worship of Him. Worship is to be both personal and corporate in the life of the believer. Worship is an attitude and lifestyle displayed in God’s people responding rightly to Him, not just an event or service. (Psalm 100, John 4:23; Romans 12:1-2, I Cor. 10:31)


We believe in relationships. We need, first and foremost, a relationship with God, our creator, which is only possible through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ upon the cross; but we also recognize that we need each other as well. We need the fellowship, accountability, and encouragement provided in the community of our church. Community happens when we journey to Christ-likeness together. Community is built and reflected by spending time together in small group Bible study, home fellowships, going to the local burger joint or coffee shop, or serving others together. (Roman 5:1-2; Hebrews 10:25, Ephesians 4:11-16)


We believe in serving each other as well as those outside the body of Christ. Christ exemplified service by washing the feet of His disciples. In the same spirit we expect each of our membership to use their gifts, abilities, and resources to serve others as Christ has served us. (Matthew 20:28, Luke 22:26-27, 2 Cor. 13:4; John 13; Philippians 2: 1-8)


We believe that Christ has commanded us to embrace the world with His love and His Gospel. Through missional living we take this love with the message of the gospel to the entire world. God has strategically and purposefully placed us where we are that we might make Him known to the world. We are all called to be missionaries, both at home and abroad. Missional living is displayed through outreach, local, national, and international mission projects, giving to support missions, and by daily living out God’s truth in our lives for the world to see. (2 Cor. 5:20, Luke 19:10, Matthew 28:19-20, Matthew 5:16; Acts 1:8)